Right now, look down at the phone or computer in your hands... Really,look at it for a second

In your hands, contains 1 million times (1,000,000x)
the computing power of the left image; the Saturn rocket launch of 1969

Sheer window-shattering power. From the greatest country known to mankind, the United States

A few days later...July 21st 1969; Man walks the moon

Aboard that rocket, mankind reaches the moon, and claims it for America

Showing the world; we are the true superpower, able to accomplish anything we set our mind to;

Pushing the limits of current technology, and what was thought possible

Its time to Wake Up; Its time for you to harness this power in your pocket 1,000,000 times more powerful than the lunar missions

Your business may be struggling with today's tech

Trying to keep up with the times, changing daily. It's fast-paced and possibly not what you signed up for

Technology is complicated, we get it

We are here for you;

Direct Profit was born to help people just like yourself. Tradespeople that do amazing work in their field

We know you have the drive to make your business a top producer;

but the complicated technology needed to propel your business is lagging behind

We are here for you

Direct profit will help you harness today's cutting edge technology, and become the best business in your area

Your competition and tech needs will become a forgotten memory:

Just focus on your trade

What happens, when someone searches for your trade in their city, online?

Do you come up as the the: first choice?

with rave reviews?

a perfect Google listing?

and a killer website?

Probably not;

First appearances are everything, your customers are searching out their needs, making split-second decisions

Direct Profit will ensure you are looking the part;

the prime candidate within your area to call

Our online presence approach; provides you with

-the perfect listing,

-the perfect website,

-the perfect customer journey; leading right to your business's doorstep...

Google is King these days

Are you #1 on search in your area?

Did you know the #1 position gets about half the business, and the top 3 gets the rest?

Are you getting crushed by your competition?

Ranking on search is impossible if you do not have a technical game plan, and day-by-day execution

Direct Profit shows up every day, working on your plan, and ranking your business long term

That's right, become number 1, and bye-bye expensive ads

Become a champion, overthrow your competitors... Win

Before Direct Profit Software (DPS);

-Your business has 30 reviews on Google

-You take 2 days to answer a customer lead submission on your website, and the sale goes to your competitor instead

-Your employees are constantly nagging you, or sitting idle

-Sometimes you have no idea what is going on inside of your business

With Direct Profit Software (DPS);

-You have 1000+ reviews, done automatically with DPS

- DPS responds to a new customer lead within 5 minutes; boom, sale closed instantly

-All your job processes are tracked, see what your employees are doing in real-time

-Guide everyone along automatically through your day-to-day pipelines, skyrocketing productivity and margins

-Send invoices via text straight to your customer's phone And a whole lot more...

We could write a book about it, wait maybe we are...

Hey there,

I'm Kelsey your new office assistant

I am AI-driven and will work for you 24/7/365

I can do things in real-time, like;

-Text or chat with customers

-Schedule appointments via customer responses

-Help sell customers

-Answer questions about your business

I will help your business scale and eliminate large costs such as payroll, taxes, employee training

I guarantee I will be ready to work for you, every second, every day, forever...

I am always learning,

I can't quite vacuum the office yet, but I could help you order a Roomba if you would like...

Day at the Beach?

Going to workout mid-day?

No problem, Direct Profit App (DPA) has you covered

Access Direct Profit Software anywhere, anyplace, anytime from our app

Close sales, monitor activity, see employee progress, run your business; from your phone on the go

You bring the thumbs and ears, we will bring the rest

We at Direct Profit have one mission goal:

Connect you, to your customers, in the most efficient way possible

We do this by;

-Optimizing your online assets

-Building a perfect digital appearance of your business

-Creating and deploying an unstoppable flow of customers

-Managing your current customers

-Providing systems for your business to scale

-Creating opportunities to multiply your business, once you have the winning system

Direct Profit is on a rocketship, headed into the solar system and beyond

Care to join us?

We have a couple of seats left

Direct Profit was born from the result of decades of experience in getting sales and leads online

We have enjoyed 100,000s of customers in our past ventures, and have extracted the required things to make your business successful

We know how to collect leads and turn them into sales, in the least expensive method available

May your bottom line be very black

We don't believe the world is perfect, but also,

we don't believe in bullshit.

Direct Profit strives to stick to our core values;
being true to our word,
putting in the work,
doing the right thing.
You have our word

Things happen, the world is dynamic, and day-to-day issues arise

When they do, we will work to make them right,

We live by an honorable and winning moral compass

We walk the right path

We take our business seriously, yours as well

And have performed the sales cycle 100,000s of times

We have experienced the sleepless nights, stress, and confusion your business may be facing

Luckily, through those cycles (and our insanity to endure them over decades), we have come up with the best data-driven solutions

We ask that you take the first step, and click the button below to sign up for an evaluation

We have a seat for you on our ride to the top; hop in

We love you all, our fellow hardworking honest American businessmen

Get in our ship, let's go

Signing off for today, talk soon...