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Direct Profit

Basic Website + SEO Marketing

Basic Website + SEO Marketing

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Our Growth Package is the ultimate solution for businesses ready to expand their digital footprint and dominate the market

Building upon the solid foundation of our Basic package, the Growth package introduces our proprietary Direct Profit Marketing (DPM) strategy, designed to attract customers and outperform competitors

What's Included:

The Growth Package: Includes all the features of our Basic package, such as a custom website, Google optimizations, and robust security and hosting. (you can view those features here)

PLUS Below Features

Proprietary Direct Profit Marketing (DPM) Package:

    • Automated Customer Acquisition: Effortlessly attract customers to your business
    • Organic Online Presence Building: Strengthen your digital visibility and organic reach
    • Market Domination: Overthrow competition and become the leading choice in your market

      Enhanced Online Presence:

      Elevate your business's online impact with superior website design and optimized Google listings for maximum visibility

      Competitive Overthrow:

      Secure the top spot in search results, ensuring your business outshines its rivals

      Monthly Content Creation:

      Receive 15 content pages per month for your website, casting a wide net to capture your target audience

      Online Network Expansion:

      Boost your website's traffic and trust with over 150+ links pointing back to your site

      Google Business Profile (GBP) Optimization and Monitoring:

        Keep your GBP finely tuned and responsive to customer interactions

        Custom Monthly Reporting and Tracking:

        Stay informed with detailed reports and insights, showing your progress and how you stack up against the competition

        Source of Growth:

        This package is not just a service; it's a commitment to scaling your business. With the Growth package, you're not just aiming for improvement; you're gearing up for a tenfold increase in your business's capabilities and reach

        Elevate your business strategy with the Growth package and experience a transformation that not only enhances your digital presence but multiplies your business success

        Act now and Sign Up for our Growth Package, space is limited


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